UPDATE HC2 4.054

Dear Users,
We have just released a new update - version 4.054

This version fixes some of issues reported by users.


> New Devices Support:

  • MCO MH8-FC4
  • MCO MH6-HP
  • AEON LABS Siren GEN5

> Resolved Issues:

  • #0003439: There are no main sensors anymore
  • Fixed Multi Channel Association Support for versions 2.4 and 2.5 of Fibaro Wall Plug - soft reconfiguration required
  • Shedule based activities (e.g. panels) improvements
  • Fixed General page issue, regarding temperature thresholds and main sensors

> Known issues:

  • Using multichannel associations requires soft reconfiguration of devices
  • Android version of the Fibaro mobile app does not display icons for following devices properly:
    • NetAtmo Thermostat
    • NetAtmo Weather Station
    • Sonos
  • Inconsistencies in Satel interface.
  • Power Metering may not work properly for some devices
  • Alarm Panel doesn’t work in some specific configurations
  • Plugins for TV Sets of various manufacturers may not work with its newer firmware due to restrictions provided by new devices firmware. There will be added detailed information about supported firmware versions within plugins.
  • Breached sensor with Arm Delay causes instant alarm after being armed
  • Data range selection in event panel doesn’t work properly
  • Devices imported via Gateway Connection may have no icons
  • Gateway Connection status of dead device between master and slave controller may be different
  • Devices not properly configured on 3.X may not be converted properly
  • On mobile clients devices may be visible in different categories than configured
  • Horstmann Thermostat HRT4-ZW higher battery usage in some cases
  • Doorlocks some functions may not work properly

Läuft seit ca 3 Tagen stabile und ohne Probleme.

Am Anfang funktionierte bei mir der “remote access” nicht mehr.
Habe diesen dann Deaktiviert anschließend System rebootet und das ganze wieder aktiviert und nochmals rebootet.

Seitdem alles i.O :slight_smile: