Update HC2 4.046 Hotfix

We have just released a new update - version 4.046

This version is hot fixing version addressing some of issues reported by users.


> Resolved Issues:

0003294: 4.045 2nd fibaro:call doesn’t get executed.

0003295: Activation of several modules simultaneously is impossible (duplicate of 0003294)

> We advise:

Soft reconfiguration of RGB/RGBW devices

> Known issues:

For some Smoke Sensors (FGSD-002) - device configuration and reconfiguration may not work properly. In case of any problems with this type of device please exclude and include device or contact support@fibaro.com.

Release notes for previous versions


> New functionalities

Popup messages and notification center for mobile devices.

It requires:

  • HC2: 4.045,

  • iPhone: 2.5,

  • iPad: 1.50,

  • Fibaro for Android Phone: 1.6,

  • Fibaro for Tablet: 1.3.

Notice: Popup notification feature is supported by Home Center 2 from version 4.042 however it also requires support from mobile applications to work properly. Due to specific process of releasing mobile applications’

updates, especially for iOS app, implementation of this feature has been released gradually and pop-up notifications can be available on some of the previous versions of mobile apps.

> Resolved Issues:

Redesigned and fixed support of RGB/RGBW modules

0001992: FGK-101 with a DS18B20
0002315: 4.024 Diagnostic panel: tab “ZWAVE” should be spelled “Z-Wave</b> ist ein drahtloser Kommunikations-Standard, welcher von der Firma Sigma Designs und der Z-Wave Alliance für die Hausautomatisierung entwickelt wurde.<br /><br />Z-Wave kann einzelne elektrische Funktionen im haus verbinden wie zum beispiel Licht, Klimaanlage, Heizung sowie Entertainment und Sicherheitssysteme.<br /><br />Z-Wave nutzt in Europa das SRD Frequenzband im Bereich um 868 MHz, in den USA sind es 908,42 MHz.” class=“glossaryLink “>Z-Wave
0002357: Last backup shows as N/A on Configuration General
0002429: Temperature Panel saving error
0002503: Not possible to set property of a virtual device containing " %”
0002533: Alarmpanel - No actions when alarm is breached
0002609: RGBW module does not work properly in IN/OUT mode
0002619: Eventlog does not show dates.
0002671: SONOS: display of radio in HC2 plugin differs from SONOS app
0002826: Battery drain on Danfoss LC12
0002942: Qubino dimmers not showing actual value.
0002970: Little error in the HCL interface
0003038: 4.037 Backup from 4.037 not compatible with itself, backup “description” also shows under “version”
0003146: Add Protection button for FGRM-222
0003228: General Information Page
0003244: ZWave.me KFOB_S Gen 5 Does not include, let alone work
0003247: cannot change RGB keys & mode
0003276: Bad support for Remotec ZXT-120 in HC2 v4.042
0002218: RGBW 0-10V analog sensor not reporting
0002417: FGRGBW 441M EU - cannot set parameters in newly included devices
0002846: Cannot save advanced settings for any Fibaro RGBW devices
0003126: FGRGBW 441M EU - device marked as dead
0002675: Form elements are misaligned in device configuration
0002190: FGRGBW 441M EU - cannot change device control type
0003016: HC2 out of memory after a few hours of operation

> Known issues:

Android version of the Fibaro mobile app does not display icons for following devices properly:

  • NetAtmo Thermostat
  • NetAtmo Weather Station
  • Sonos

Inconsistencies in Satel interface.

Power Mettering may not work properly for some devices
Alarm Panel doesn’t work in some specific configurations

Plugins for TV Sets of various manufacturers may not work with its newes firmware due to restricions provided by new devices firmware. There will be added detalied information about suported firmwave versions within plugins.

Breached sensor with Arm Delay causes instant alarm after being armed
Data range selection in event panel doesn’t work properly
Devices imported via Gateway Connection may have no icons
Gateway Connection status of dead device between master and slave controller may be different
Devices not properly configured on 3.X may not be converted properly
On mobile clients devices may be visible in different categories than configured
Horstmann Thermostat HRT4-ZW higher battery usage in some cases
Doorlocks some functions may not work properly

Die neue Version scheint diverse Bugs zu haben u.a.

  • fibaro:call bug VD
  • Notifications PUSH
  • Scenes Trigger

Dazu sei auch gesagt das einige keinerlei Probleme mit dem update haben.
Letztendlich muss jeder selber Entscheiden ob er das Update durchführt.

Ich persönlich bleibe erst mal bei der V4.042
(Never touch a running system :wink: )

Mit Push Nachrichten hatte ich schon unter 4.042 Probleme.
Laut BugTracker wurden diese nicht in 4.045 und 4.046 behoben.