Update HC2 4.036

This version is hot fixing version addressing some of issues reported by users.


Added Device Support:

Zipato RGBW Bulb

QEES Dimmer UNI 400W

Resolved Issues:

#0002797: Not possible to enter “rooms” section!
#0002830: Devices with no template cannot save parameters.
#0002335: Zipato RGBW Bulb
#0002857: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘r.isTypeOf’)
#0002234: sceneActivation doesn’t trigger with Zwave.me KeyFob in 4.022
#0002980: No Template for Fibaro FGSD-002
Unjustified push alarms about fire
Improved support for Fibaro Smoke Sensor

UBS Temperature is not visivble on iPhone/iPad client (was known issues)

Known Issues:

After the update clearing browser cache could be required

Power Mettering may not work properly for some devices
RGBW Controler may not work propery when used in in/out mode
Alarm Panel doesn’t work in some specific configurations

Plugins for TV Sets of various manufacturers may not work with its newes firmware due to restricions provided by new devices firmware. There will be added detalied information about suported firmwave versions within plugins.

Satel - adding plugin progress bar disappears during configuration. Please wait about 15 minutes before performing actions on Satel devices.
Devices Polling may not work properly - devices state in UI may be refreshed only after action taken.
Breached sensor with Arm Delay causes instant alarm after being armed
Data range selection in event panel doesn’t work properly
Devices imported via Gateway Connection may have no icons
Gateway Connection status of dead device between master and slave controller may be different
Devices not properly configured on 3.X may not be converted properly
Reconfiguration may not work properly in some cases
On mobile clients devices may be visible in different categories than configured
Advanced settings for some imported devices may not work properly
Horstmann Thermostat HRT4-ZW higher battery usage in some cases
Doorlocks some functions may not work properly

Bevor ihr das update durchführt macht es Sinn bei Fibaro direkt zu schauen welche Probleme es gibt.


Sollte bei der Entscheidung helfen.

Habt das Update durchgeführt und im Moment keine Probleme, zumindest keine neuen.

Info aus dem Fibaro Forum bzgl. verschwundener Module

Dear users,
In some particular configurations there is a possibility of some devices being not visible for some time just after the update because of additional interfaces being added in the background.
To be sure that this process was not interrupted please wait few minutes before you proceed to work on your gateway. Incidentally an additional manual reboot may be also required

Frei übersetzt:

In einigen Fällen besteht die Möglichkeit das einige Module nachdem Update nicht sichtbar sind, im Hintergrund werden zusätzliche Schnittstellen hinzugefügt. Um sicher zugehen das der Prozess nicht unterbrochen wird am besten einige Minuten warten bevor am HC2 weiter gearbeitet wird.
Ein zusätzlicher Neustart kann erforderlich sein.