Update 4.101 BETA für HC2

Beta Software Änderungsliste 4.101:Version 4.101 BETA

This update features migration process from version 3.600, reconfiguring every device, adjusting them for changes which took place in the system. This will assure a possibly smooth transition and continuous operation, allowing each device to work with old settings until reconfiguration is done. Please, refer to the message that appears in the interface and Notification Center for further instructions after finishing upgrade.

Updating from version 3.600 may take up to 30 minutes. Do not restart controller during update process.

Resolved issues:

  • Problems with Logitech Harmony plugin.
  • Faulty configuration of parameters of Heatit Thermostat v1.2.
  • Disappearing backups.
  • Global Cache stops working.
  • Incorrect device counting in Dashboard bar.
  • #0002195: Low Battery Level Indication on new batteries.
  • #0002267: Upgrade message inconsistent.
  • #0002270: zwave.me products not working.
  • #0003909: xml 448 - adding Meter support on endpoints.
  • #0004075: Hidden slave devices of RGB become unhidden after rebooting.

New devices support:

  • Popp Thermostat v1.0.
  • Gerda lock v1.2.
  • Russound XSource.
  • Russound XZone4.
  • Zipato RFID in version AU, IN and RU.

Other improvements:

  • Home Center Wizard - wizard used to set basic Home Center data - user configuration, firmware upgrade, alarm configuration and localization - available only for admin user.
  • For safety reasons, the admin user format was force changed to an email address format.
  • For safety reasons, the default admin password was force changed.
  • Choice of weather information source - the possibility to set various sources of weather in Home Center system, as a part of the update two sources were added: Yr.no and Yahoo. As a source of weather information you can also use other devices, e.g. temperature sensor.
  • Suggesting predefined scenes of turning on light when motion is detected in a room - simply activate a scene to enable the functionality.
  • Interactive PUSH notifications for mobile applications - a new block in scenes capable of running a scene PUSH notifications.
  • Extended information about the power consumption - the list of devices available from the Dashboard bar.
  • Many devices such as switches and dimmers can be synchronized. They will react identically to action from both a button and the interface. Synchronization is possible from the advanced settings of one of the devices.
  • Improved the display of system status.
  • Change in NEST plugin authentication - NEED TO REINSTALL THE PLUGIN.
  • Change in Logitech Harmony plugin authentication - NEED TO REINSTALL THE PLUGIN.
  • Redesigned NEST plugin display - devices in the system correspond to physical devices.
  • Simplified control of scenes from the web interface.
  • Change in system notifications functionality - the list of notifications available from Dashboard bar.
  • Change in information about devices with low battery - the list of devices available from the Dashboard bar.
  • Extensive scenes and devices filtering - the ability to show all, hidden or only visible devices and scenes.
  • Change in information about incorrect communication with a device.
  • Rooms synchronization as a part of Gateway Connections functionality.
  • Functionality of copying scenes.
  • Functionality of energy consumption data export (CSV file).

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