iPad 1.42 update

New version 1.42 of Fibaro for iPad application is already available in App Store.
It cooperates fully with released version 3.590 and 4.022 beta of HC software.

Changelog 1.41 -> 1.42:

  • Support for plugins on HC v4.x improved
  • Thermostats functionality improvement
  • Fix for virtual devices appearance
  • Fix for problems with 12h time format
  • Fix for personal icons on HCL
  • Minor bug fixes

Resolved issues:
#0001987 Own icons are not shown on any iOS device

Known issue:

  • some problems with push notifications on devices running iOS 8 can occur
  • energy panel in room view is not working via remote access

Changelog 1.40->1.41:

  • Finnish language added
  • Spanish language added

Resolved Issues:
#0001756 Time doesn’t display on home screen
#0001757 Cameras don’t display
#0001783 Finnish language for IOS ipad app missing.
#0001862 Status of lights not updating
#0001396 Webcam page crashes app

  • Interface refresh fixed
  • Lili fixed
  • Cameras image display fixed
  • Many visual fixes

Changelog for iPad 1.40:

  • New application engine - redesigned for better performance
  • Support for newest, including beta, HC2 features
  • Visual Improvements
  • Various Optimization
  • Bug Fixes