Firmware Update auf 0.9.999.6 verfügbar

Weiter im 2-3 Monatsrhythmuskam pünktlich das neuste Update.
Das Update lief wie zu erwarten sauber durch …

Gruß Jan


Hey Jan,

danke für die Info.
Habe die neue Version auch schon drauf…

Hier die Release Note nochmal für die Suchmaschine :wink:


Z-Wave: added support for NOTIFICATION_SENSOR device
Z-Wave: don’t block non PING commands if device is OFFLINE
Z-Wave: Added support for BarrierControl Z-Wave: Better handling of GENERAL_PURPOSE alarm sensor event
Z-Wave: Properly handle inverted state handling for ZD2102v2
Z-Wave: Respond to BASIC_GET messages. Useful for Fibaro range detector and certain wall switches which poll device state before sending BASIC_SET
Z-Wave: Properly handle BASIC_REPORT coming from SENSOR_BINARY device classes
Z-Wave: Invert sensor state in ZD2102 custom handler
Z-Wave: Nicer default device and endpoint names
Z-Wave: Always send WNI encrypted if possible
Z-Wave: Custom handling for Vision ZD2102 v2 door sensor
Z-Wave: Added support for Cooper scene controller
Z-Wave: alarm handling fixes
Z-Wave: increase decryption queue size
Z-Wave: properly handle scale bits in meter report V3
Z-Wave: Set proper precision for Danfoss valves
Z-Wave: workarounds for PSE02 siren
Alarm: fixed false alarm after reboot on exit zone if armMode=ANY
Alarm: tamper message not sent if tamperAlarmMode=DISABLED
Alarm: panic message not sent if panicAlarmMode=DISABLED
Alarm: safety zones assume ready when no state
Alarm: squawking with sirens always end with silence
Alarm: cancelling exit timer on disarm
Alarm: deleted double disarm on zones
Alarm: safety zones always ready
Camera: added support for HTTP Digest authentication
Camera: added support for separate URLs for taking snapshot and getting the image
KNX: added DPT type configuration
KNX: added support for DPT 20.105 and 20.107 on Thermostat
RF433: added ACM-LV24
RF433: added COCO LWST-605
RF433: Telegesis support
SIA: remove Sia network without reboot
General: blinking LED fix
Thermostat: added type field to Thermostat
Thermostat: sending ThermostatMasterControl.value = ( +
ARW: battery status changed from from {100,-1} to {0,-1}
Enocean: reduce timeout to 55 seconds.
GenericIP: added polling for bulb status
GenericIP: fixed Colour conversion from hue to the RGB
GenericIP: fixed issues with the memory leak
P1: decrease event count for frequent events
Paradox: reimplemented discovery

Gruß Helle