Fibaro Home Center 2 v 4.019 BETA

Fibaro Home Center 2 v 4.019 BETA.

Beta version is designed for user testing and soon will be released as official.

WARNING! After installing this upgrade backups from version 1.x and 3.x will be retained but hidden because they are incompatible with the version 4.x. In case of update from old version, v1.x, after that update all users will be deleted. Admin password will be reset. Also update to Beta software all devices will be automatically reconfigured to work with new system architecture. Reconfiguration progress will be shown in pop-up window.
This update can last longer than previous. If this update lasts longer than 30 minutes, please go to main HC2 address (e.g.
If “System temporarily unavailable” text will appear during update, please wait - you will be redirected to the main page when all services start.


New Functionalities:

  • Configuration > Backup now is Backup & Recovery
  • Recovery Memory Status - can be checked on Backup & Recovery
  • Backups - information about compatibility with current HC version

Resolved Issues:

#0001359: For some reason 1 smoke sensor doesnt show black box info.
#0001524: 3.902 Alpha - HUE plugin won’t create new user
#0002037: Cannot delete device, but after a restart the devices shows as being deleted
#0002048: JSON ENCODE / DECODE doesn’t work properly
#0001920: [ERROR] 09:23:47: line 44: attempt to index global ‘json’ (a nil value)
#0001699: panel energii
#0001849: Fibaro Door and Window Sensors do not report
#0001852: Unable to delete devices
#0001861: Since upgrading no scenes work
#0001877: HC2 stops working on 4.017
#0001709: When adding Foscam generic camera to plugin the password field is misspelled “Passwrod” should be “Password”
#0001824: Aeon Switch with energy meter. No more energy measurement/logging after upgrade to 4.017 beta.
#0001935: Notification of the battery status
#0001963: Event panel refreshed while browsing
#0001869: Fast scrolling in event history
#0001894: Log messages do not span columns
#0001655: Changing pages results in spinning wheel
#0001815: Power calcutaion is only working in rooms with Fibaro Wall plugs
#0001790: Virtual Device icon change causes a crash
#0001834: Get error 502 and 503 after virtual device import
#0001701: Controlled device is set to Air Conditioner on dimmers
#0001962: UI crashed after creation of magic scene
#0001966: setting " How frequently GPS position from the user?s iPhone should be collected" is not saved after reboot hc2
#0001888: Execution of lua commands
#0001907: Danalock POL_ZES100 (Z-Wave Danalock Square) sowing but not functional
#0001596: universal sensor has not the normal picture and dallas 18b20 temp does not work
#0001652: uni bin sensor breach scene does not work
#0001548: Nie działa triger włączenia włącznika Duwi
#0001812: HC2 doesn’t respond anymore
#0001593: Email address validation wont allow + to be used
#0001651: HTML special characters being displayed in Virtual Device code
#0001946: fibaro:getSelfId does not work
#0001889: Unable to debug slider code
#0001992: FGK-101 with a DS18B2
#0002005: After creation of a magic scene i’m unable to login to the fibaro home center (keeps loading)
#0002023: Disarm sensors with scene

Known Issues

  • Breached sensoer with Arm Delay causes instant alarm after being armed
  • Data range selection in event panel doesn’t work properly
  • For devices imported via Gateway Connection may have no icons