Update 4.090

Version 4.090

This update features migration process from version 3.600, reconfiguration of every device, adjusting them for changes which took place in the system. This will assure possibly a smooth transition and continuous operation, allowing each device to work with old settings until reconfiguration is done. Please, refer to message that appears in the interface and Notification Center after finishing upgrade for further instructions.

Updating from version 3.601 may take longer than usual, up to 30 minutes, please do not restart controller during update process.

Resolved issues:

  • #0003578 Danfoss thermostat shows unreal value
  • #0003883 No reports from Northq Gas Meter NQ-92021
  • #0003605 #0003962 #0003962 Weather is not updating (weather information provider changed to yr.no)
  • #0003094 Alarm panel doesn’t record change of alarm state
  • Protection Command Class not working on devices without template
  • 503 error when deleting section in some cases
  • Malfunction of RGBW when changing controlled device to RGB
  • NaN displayed in device serial number
  • Scene Activation not working when triggered multiple times by the same id
  • Mobile applications: Change of devices order not possible for non-admin users
  • Philips Hue plugin does not allow new user configuration. Reinstall existing plugin to enable fix
  • Wind speed available in weather conditions computed incorrectly - value too low
  • Services Restart called from 503 error page not working
  • Scenes do not trigger when RAM usage is above 75%. Threshold moved to 90%
  • Device hierarchy not displaying properly for Dimmer 2 in advanced configuration
  • Z-Wave Weather templates lacking for devices of other manufacturers
  • Weather refresh and schedules hang
  • Other minor fixes

New devices support:

  • Fibaro Button
  • #0003488 Aeon Labs Multisensor GEN 5
  • #0003244 Zwave.me Keyfob GEN 5
  • MCO MH10 PM2.5 Monitor
  • MCO MH9 CO2 Monitor
  • Aspire RF9518
  • Aspire RF9534
  • Aspire RF9536
  • Leviton VRI06-1L
  • Leviton VRI10-1L
  • Leviton VRE06-1L
  • Leviton VRF01-1L
  • Leviton VRS15-1L
  • Leviton VRS05-1L
  • Leviton VRCS2-MR
  • Leviton VRCS4-MR
  • Leviton VRCZ4-MR
  • Leviton VRCZ4-MO
  • Leviton VRCS1-1L
  • Leviton VRCZ1-1L
  • Vitrum Think Simple IV Scenari
  • Secure SWM301

Other improvements:

  • #0003844 Confirmation pop-up is now displayed when restoring or deleting backup
  • Favicon added
  • Satus bar is scrolled with page
  • Notification Center is available directly on the status bar
  • Battery devices now work on default wake up interval when included
  • Serial number is now displayed in advanced configuration of devices that declare it
  • Setpoint thermostats capabilities are flexibly adapted when device is included
  • Minor UX inconsistency fixes
  • Firmware Update - wireless update of Z-Wave devices: Motion Sensor, Dimmer and Wall Plug. Availability of update for each device is showed in Notification Center and Advanced Configuration. Run update only when devices is in close range from controller (ca. 2 m). Process can take up to 30 minutes, depending on Z-Wave traffic and devices queued for update. Details on whole procedure can be found in notification displayed before every device update.
  • New, configurable scenes triggering modes available in each scene advanced configuration:
    Automatic - scene gets triggered either by one of defined triggers (device state, global variable etc.) or manually, by ‘Run’ button
    Manual - scene executes only manually by ‘Run’ button
    Disabled - scene is inactive, does not get triggered and cannot be run manually
    Visibility - scene can be hidden in all interfaces (mobile apps, web interface)


  • Drag & Drop for devices and scenes - available on home, devices and rooms screens. Assigning devices to rooms and changing its order is now much easier and faster.
  • Temperature Panel - allows to see history of temperature changes in rooms and on each device.
  • Diagnostic Panel - general information about HC working condition like CPU & RAM usage, free space on hard drive. Will be extended in future versions.
  • Soft Device Reconfiguration - option allows to save settings, parameters and device ID. Thanks to that scenes with reconfigurable device will not require editing. Full reconfiguration will remove and add the device to the Z-Wave network, resulting in the loss of its settings, parameters and change the device ID…
  • Mesh Network Reconfiguration - available on Configuration -> Z-Wave Network
  • New Z-Wave engine - redesigned and rewritten from the scratch. Now is faster and has better support for devices.
  • Z-Wave Door Locks support - controlling and PIN settings.
  • Thermostats - extended controlling for thermostats from manufacturers like: Honeywell, Trane Corporation.
  • Extended tamper for sensors - exclusive information for motion detection and violation of sensors.
  • Fibaro Smoke Sensor extended support - level of smoke and gap to alarm level is reported and visible on charts. Sensitivity level is now easier to set.
  • Fibro Motion Sensor new device - when seismometer mode is turned on new device reporting tremors is available. Charts for temperature and illuminance. Additionally information about sensor violation.
  • Device hiding - device that is not in use can be hide without removing it.
  • Device deactivation - deactivated device is visible in UI but can’t be controlled.
  • Multithreading added for HC (server and z-wave) - now engines work much faster.
  • Event panel moved - for better usability now is available in menu on right side of screen.
  • Pre-Update Confirmation - installing update will prompt user additional confirmation.
  • Added support for American English (EN-US)
  • User rights management - moved to Configuration.
  • Recovery Memory Health - can be checked on Backup & Recovery
  • Backups has information about compatibility with current HC version
  • Block scenes improvements - for device only available actions are visible, scene activation block added and logical conditions grouping using brackets.
  • Lua Scenes - updated tool-tips for devices.
  • Rest API Active Documentation - documentation and ability to test REST API requests, access at HOME_CENTER_IP/docs


  • Plugins are grouped in categories: Safety, Cameras, Climate, Multimedia, Others
  • Plugins search
  • Network devices search via ARP

Plugins category Safety:

  • Modular Alarm

Plugins category Cameras:

  • more than 130 devices from various manufacturers

Plugin category Climate:

  • Carrier Furance
  • WS Davis Vantage
  • Nest - plugin for well-known thermostat
  • Netatmo - plugin for thermostat and weather station from netatmo

Plugins category Multimedia

  • LG Bluray
  • LG TV*
  • NC + mediabox, compatible devices: mediaBOX+ (ITI-3740SX, ADB-3740SX) and turboBOX+ (ITI-5720SX, ADB-5720SX)
  • XBMC Remote Control
  • Denon Amplifier
  • LG Bluray
  • Onkyo Amplifier
  • Philips Bluray
  • Pioneer Amplifier
  • Samsung TV*
  • Sonos
  • Sony Bluray
  • Sony TV*
  • Logitech Harmony
  • DENON HEOS 3/link
  • Russound X5 Controller
  • Nuvo Gateway/NV-P3100/NV-P3500/P100/P200
  • some TV Sets firmware version may not be supported

Plugins category Other

  • Philips Hue
  • Wake on LAN
  • Planika Fireplace

Other changes, many other improvements to the system.

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